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As overseas U.S. Armed Forces Members protect our freedom, razor wire and security posts keep out more than the enemy. Confined to a military base, our soldiers battle daily with limited freedom, isolation and distance from their homes and families. From triple-digit heat to the constant throbbing of the sounds of war – whether military exercises or true exchange of fire – physical and mental stress runs high.

Enter the American300 Tours –an opportunity for the men and women who sacrifice so much for our peace of mind to enjoy a bit of their own. We take some of America’s best to the troops, giving them a chance to connect with home while they enjoy a change of pace from the tensions of active duty. It’s a source of physical and mental release that is as good for their bodies as for their spirits.

Troops Race

Our Mission

To increase the resiliency of our Troops, their Families and the Communities that they live and operate in.   American300 Tours were created to support the Department of Defense areas of operations worldwide.

What We Do
American300 Tours is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization working  in partnership with the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment and MWR offices to bring new forms of ‘‘Motivational Entertainment”  to the Troops.  We are relentlessly in our effort to include resiliency in our Themed Tours and then showcase our Troops through partnerships with corporate partners, media connections and great Americans who have connectivity to the same. Americans Honoring America’s’s what we do!

Troops Race

Putting It All Together
The AMERICAN300 Tours are all about connections: connecting the troops with home…connecting stateside communities with the faces and personal stories of those who keep them safe…connecting the friends and families of soldiers with a sense of peace and pride that their loved ones are not only okay, but also recognized and respected for their mission of honor…and finally, connecting great Americans who have a message of resiliency to share with our American Heroes... our Troops! 


Message from The American300 Tours Host and Founder: Rob Powers
I’ve been fortunate to enjoy connections with some of the world’s most prestigious events, including the Olympics. The excitement of working with and competing against some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world has been a true honor. Now, though, I share an even greater sense of honor in my role as manager of the American300 Tours. I am very proud to help connect servicemen and women with the people whose freedom they ensure.  I hope you’ll stay on track with our all volunteer staff as we follow the course of those who go the distance for us every day, America’s Armed Forces Members!

Rob Powers

Rob Powers, is a former U.S. National Team Athlete and Olympic Teams Coach, Former US Armed Forces Sports Program Athlete, who served our country in the 1980's as a member of the US Army's 3-172 Mtn Infantry Bn and Mountain Warfare School as a Cadre Member.  Board Member AMERICAN300 Foundation, Member MOAA, American Legion Post 1 Denver, USAF American Spirit Award Recipient 2008.  Rob lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with his wife Laila Powers MD and five children.